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Franchisee’s Testimonials

Deepa Arora

I have always had a passion for teaching but Kumon has helped me create love for Maths among children in a more structured way. With the help of step by step worksheets, you can create a difference from day one. It’s very satisfying to see children who were earlier struggling are now learning and studying ahead of their school grade level.

Deepthi Nayani

Weary of corporate life, I associated with Kumon. With the help of dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable support staff, I am able to make a difference in kids’ lives while making a living, owning and operating my own business.


Kumon is not just about instructing children to do Maths and English, it is about introducing the young minds to a whole new world of learning and enjoying themselves in the process….and the smiles on their faces is what inspires us to do more.