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Franchisee’s Testimonials

Roshni Bhojwani

I was always keen to work with children, and when the opportunity of Kumon came along, it felt just right. My last 10 years with Kumon have inspired me a lot, as I have seen many young inquisitive minds growing happily. I am always overjoyed when children achieve small milestones at my centre because these small steps are building a strong foundation for their future.

Nidhi Jindal

This journey has been a story of hard work, challenges, rewards and a lot of fun. The energy in the classroom is guiding every body towards self discovery. Assessing students’ abilities to provide them with their just right level of study and fostering self-learning at Kumon has sharpened my skills in observation and tailored instruction. Guiding them to independence taught me patience and empathy. Witnessing their growth fuels my fulfillment, contributing to my growth as a compassionate educator.

Nita Bhambhani

As a Kumon franchise owner, I’m not just running a business; I’m shaping futures. Every day, I witness the profound impact of personalized learning on students’ confidence and academic abilities. Being part of the Kumon family means empowering the next generation to reach their full potential, and there is nothing more fulfilling than that.