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What inspires them?

We’ve asked our Employees to share with you some of their experiences as Kumon employee.

Roshan Vishnoi, Finance & Legal

From Kumon i learnt never give up attitude. If you have a set targets and love to achieve it then nothing is there to stop you, with your regular efforts you can get it. Kumon has given this spirit which motivates me to work with Kumon.

Current experience working with Kumon: I have more than two and half year working experience in Kumon and learnt about the change seat concept which help me to understand the working done by others and to know the difficulties faced by teams, it’s also help out to make easy working environment. D-learning concept is also very helpful tool for smooth operation.

Niyati Mohan Negi, Instructions and Human Capital Development

I did my graduation majors in Human Development and Childhood Studies. I was not a brilliant student in math and before joining Kumon I was told it helps individuals get away with the fear of math. Solving Kumon math worksheets during the new staff training helped me enjoy math for the first time and I realized if I could start loving math at the age of 24, so can the young students in our society.

It was only after I started working in a Kumon centre, I realized it is much more than helping students love math. Kumon helps us act as a responsible global citizen, helping every child make efforts towards realizing their dreams and goals. This has motivated me to continue working with Kumon as what we do is much more than a regular job, “it helps us shape a future generation”.

Current experience working with Kumon: This is my 8th year with Kumon, the thing I appreciate most about working with Kumon till date is it helps me grow not only as a professional but also as an individual. It gave me the opportunity to travel across the Asian continent helping me widen my horizons and perspective to look at various things. What else can you ask for!!