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Aviraj is learning Math at Kumon. It has been a game-changer for him. The program’s structured approach and personalized learning has significantly improved Aviraj’s  academic skills and confidence in Math. Aviraj looks forward to doing his Kumon sheets everyday. Thanks to the teachers who makes the learning interesting.


I started my Kumon journey in October with 3A level which initially helped me improve my number writing skills and in only 6 months, I was able to go beyond my current school grade content by finishing B level and studying 2nd grade level content whilst being in 1st grade. I’m currently doing C level where I have already started studying multiplication tables. I like Kumon because it has made me faster at calculations and I can now calculate larger numbers. It can be difficult and time-consuming, but I’m happy when my level improves.

Akshat Agarwal

Kumon completer feels as if I have achieved a graduation degree. I used to face difficulty at carryovers, but scheduling of sheets made it a cake walk. The overall vibe of learning certainly makes students energetic to study. Math, the most hated and time consuming amongst all, is quick and loved by me. I would miss doing that A5 sheet and splitting through pages. All credit to my instructors and parents who pushed me to be a completer. Kumon is the plethora of advancement.

 Meher Mehtani

I started Kumon Maths when I was in Grade 3. With regular practice and daily well structured worksheets, very soon my mental calculations became stronger and I started acing all school exams. I am proud to share that I scored 100/100 in Mathematics in Class 12th board exams. Thank You Kumon for making me a Math lover.